Best DIY and Craft Picks to Try

Hi people there is another post that we prepared for you. We already know that our readers really love to try out new frugal living and DIY projects ideas, so this time we will write about several handpicked DIY projects. It took us few days to search through Pinterest and other similar sites to find really interesting and useful DIY projects, than we narrowed our list to 4 projects and we present them to you. We are sure that anybody will find at least one or two projects that will enjoy to make them. We tried to cover several topics with these projects so you will find one craft project, one that can be considered like home decor and two that are frugal living tricks that will help you to save a little money. Under every image you can find link to detailed instructions that will help you to successfully complete desired project.

Cracked Log Lamp


The most interesting craft project that i saw in the last few weeks is definitely this Cracked log lamp project. This is awesome garden decoration and beside that it will help you to maintain your connection with nature. In the time when we use more and more various gadgets it is very nice when we come across something like this that will help us to surround yourself with more natural materials. I didn’t tried this project yet but I definitely will, it probably can’t replace my current garden light but it is great garden decoration indeed. If you decide to try this project it would be great if you come back here to our website and share you results and your personal impression .For more information and detailed guide follow this link step-by-step Instructions Here.

Cinnamon Stick Candles


This one can be used as home decoration. View step-by-step Instruction Here.

The Vintage Fan Restoration


Don’t waste your money buying a new fan, try to renovate your old one. View step-by-step Instructions Here.

Stained Paper Bag Floor


For the end of this post we will share with you another one frugal trick if you are interested to try. View step-by-step Instructions Here.

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